Milestone Systems

Executing and improving the existing release process to increase Product Management performance

Frank Fugl

Director Product Management, Milestone Systems

Having Nevico help us drive and improve our release processes in Product Management was a huge relief for our product managers. Milestone Systems’ software releases require a thorough yet flexible approach and a broad understanding of launch processes and project management. Nevico’s consultant engaged directly with stakeholders and delivered results from day one. One year later, Milestone have improved the release processes based on the constructive feedback and suggestions from the Nevico consultants.


Milestone Systems designs, develops and produces world-leading IP-based video management solutions. The company releases three major software updates with new features and enhancements per year. The product managers are mostly focused on the early stages of the Agile development trains, writing epics, and engaging with partners and users to ensure the right features are prioritized. However, Product Management also has several responsibilities around the actual release: briefing product marketing, ensuring various documentation is completed, specifying configuration, arranging technical training, etc.


Nevico took full ownership to ensure an optimum release from a product management standpoint. Inputs were gathered from relevant stakeholders to ensure that the deliverables (such as the End User License Agreement, technical training and various technical specifications) got updated correctly and comprehensively – and within the deadline. Furthermore, we documented the full release process from a product management perspective, suggesting improvement areas, and ensuring that this work could be easily taken over by other people in the organization.


Engaging with Nevico to handle the release responsibility takes a weight off the product managers’ shoulders, as they can focus on the product strategy and tactical tasks like EPIC development. Trusting that these tasks are safely handled by Nevico, both product managers and the other parts of the organization have a go-to person when issues arise. Nevico’s documentation of the process and suggested improvements brought a new awareness of the release work, and valuable discussions on the role of Product Management in Milestone Systems.

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