Efficient Product Marketing Framework

Jeppe Schytte-Hansen

CEO, SkabelonDesign

Ditte from Nevico was instrumental in creating a solid though easy-to-use framework. After the framework was approved, she took the first product through the framework where she did a very good job in writing some of the input for each process step and facilitating the relevant stakeholders internally in order to finalize each step. We ended up with a framework and the first product ready to launch in just a couple of months. Great stuff!


SkabelonDesign is a global market leader when it comes to the implementation of corporate visual identity and design of enterprise specific template and productivity solutions in the Microsoft Office suite. They serve more than 1,000 customers with more than 1.5 million daily users. Developing cutting-edge solutions, they wanted to strengthen their product marketing efforts. They needed a Product Marketing Framework to take them from product to launch – focusing on product value propositions and communication to the market instead of having to reinvent the process every time.


We designed the optimal Product Marketing Framework. Working with management and key stakeholders, we defined the steps from product strategy to launch and created a systematic and easy way for SkabelonDesign to bring new products to market, without management having to align and meet up more than necessary. We left out all redundant documents, that were not to be used in the final implementation to make the process running smooth. All work should have a purpose and lead to the next step to create the most efficient process.


Creating a Product Marketing Framework where each step of the process has a purpose to get the product to the market, SkabelonDesign were able to implement an efficient process, enabling them to market new products more frequently. A side effect was also that they got a better framework for planning their ongoing content to keep communicating about the products over a longer period in order to create awareness and generate leads.

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