About Nevico Product Management

Nevico Product Management was founded by David Neville in 2015 and has since then been dedicated to maturing the product management discipline in B2B technology companies. Our aim is always to make our clients more professional and structured.

We believe product management is a core function that create real value for strategic product- and business development while ensuring commercial successes for their organizations.

Meet Our Team

David Neville

David Neville

Managing Director and Founder

+45 4283 2829 dane@nevico.dk David has a background in sales and marketing but moved early in his career into product management for high tech products… Click to read more about David
Knirke Jensen

Knirke Jensen

Senior Consultant

+45 6088 3526 knje@nevico.dk Knirke has worked in product management in life science and medical devices most of her career… Click to read more about Knirke
Mikkel Winther

Mikkel Winther

Partner Manager

+45 2632 3062 miwi@nevico.dk Mikkel is a Product Manager with Leadership experience… Click to read more about Mikkel
Emma Riisager

Emma Riisager

Associated Project Manager

+45 5057 0910 emri@nevico.dk Emma is studying Techno-Anthropology at Aalborg University CPH… Click to read more about Emma
Linda Kjær Petersen

Linda Kjær Petersen

Associated Consultant and Product Focus Senior Consultant

+45 2625 8088 Linda has an extensive background in product management and product strategy from a number of companies… Click to read more about Linda
Ditte Nielsen

Ditte Nielsen

Associated Consultant

+45 2928 0025 Ditte has solid experience as a commercial project manager with a special focus on digital transformation projects… Click to read more about Ditte


Experiences from challenges like yours Success across industries for more than a decade
Improving the release process to increase Product Management performance
Aligned release processes to cover technical platforms with different release dynamics
Learn from failures: 50 examples of corporations that forgot to balance their product portfolio. Learn from bad cases.

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