Release Management: Streamline the internal processes and demonstrate product value to your customers

October 2020

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October 30th 10.00


October 30th 10.45



45 minutes of inspiration

Many companies end up releasing software updates too frequently – focusing on fixing the bugs rather that bringing valuable benefits to the market. By employing proper release management, companies can ensure that only software components (services, features, and so on) that are thoroughly tested and are up to the quality standards of the company can reach the customers being both internal and external. Release Management enables the team to plan and schedule each release involving the right stakeholders at the right time, creating more impactfull communication and demonstrating greater value to the customers.

Join us for 45 minutes of inspiration on how to take your organization from project driven to release driven.

You will meet

David Neville, Managing Director at Nevico, who has solid experience with Release Management.



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