How to align your business model and value proposition in the time of Corona


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Comprehensive 3-hour workshop

Aiming at teams that want to understand and act proactively in the Corona situation. We know that you might be unsure as to how events are impacting your portfolio and your go-to-market strategies. At this 3-hour virtual workshop our experienced facilitator will guide you and your team to identify the most important steps to secure future business – while keeping your team engaged! 

You will meet

Our experienced Managing Director, David Neville, who will facilitate the discussions and ensure a highly professional outcome. 


Ideal for 6-16 or tailor-made for you to support your business needs.


  • Is the demand the same? Has it changed? How much? For all products?   
  • What do you expect the scenario after Corona to be like? And while we are in the crisis? How long will it take? 
  • What will the sales process look like? How will virtual meetings / fewer physical meetings affect your go-to-market and products? 
  • Are the competencies to support the expected go-to-market scenario in place? Or what do you need from a Product Management point of view to support it? 
  • What can be developed to support the new business environment?
  • Are the product strategy and roadmaps still the same? 
  • What activities do you need to do now to set yourselves up for success during and after the crisis? 


Our facilitator enables a dynamic discussion to identify which key activities to pause and which to prioritize to make the most out of the circumstances.

You and your team will receive a structured report on the key insights from the workshop. The report will also highlight the most important action points identified.

Furthermore, the team will be rejuvenated and full of energy to continue working on the most important efforts that will secure future winnings!   


The workshop is held in either Danish or English.


16,000 DKK excl. VAT

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