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Do legacy products end the life of your company, or do you manage to end your products in time? 
How to integrate product management and product marketing to speed up time to market
Do you know your market and the performance of your customers, your competitors and your products?

Understand the key elements in designing a relevant and aligned product strategy


Understanding COVID-19’s impact on Product Management 
Did we emerge better off, on the other side of Covid-19?
Digitalization in product management
Do non-digital products exist anymore?
Product managers expect professional development plans

Not surprisingly, high achieving product managers want to get even better!

Product manager, what are you doing? 
What is the skill set required to be a successful product manager?
Who is doing what? Successful teams are aligned teams
Knowing your colleagues responsibilities is every bit as important as knowing your own
Product Strategy: The Key to Long-Term Success 

Having processes for development and implementation of strategy is essential

The transformative power of mentorship in product management.  

What is the benefits of product management mentoring?

Active stakeholder management  

What is the benefits of active stakeholder management?

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Improving the release process to increase Product Management performance

Aligning release processes to cover technical platforms with different release dynamics

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