Nevico Partner Programme 2023

With our experience in Product Management consulting and training services, we can support your journey towards a stronger product management function in your company while you focus on building products and solution for future profit.

Why partner with Nevico Product Management?

Outside influences are changing our lives and the normal way of doing business. Recent years have been disrupted by pandemics, dramatically changed supply chains, component shortage and war.

On top of that, the demand for smart, connected products are transforming companies creating increased complexity in products and services. Subsequently, this is increasing the number of stakeholders involved and the need for product governance.

”In Uncertain Times, the Best Strategy Is Adaptability” as mentioned in the article with the same name.

We implement and sustain world class Product Management

At Nevico and our training partner Product Focus, we firmly believe that Product Management Maturity is about Organization, Process, People, Tools and Leadership.

Our clients are busy navigating in an ever-changing business environment while building the best possible products and solutions to secure future profits. Making time for process improvements may be a difficult feat – and this is where the Nevico Partner Programme comes in: to support and sustain your journey.

How to get started?

We have created a partnership model that is adaptable to your current ambition level, with lots of value in each bucket.

Personal partnership

You have already seen value in participating in a paid Nevico Product Management workshop or you have participated in training from our partner Product Focus.

You´ll get personal free access to 4 Nevico workshops per/year.

Company partnership

Your company is using Nevico Product Management services and training options from Product Focus when relevant. Besides the value provided through our services and training, we also offer relevant employees that participated in the collaboration access to:

Your full team gets free access to 4 Nevico workshops per/year.

Company strategic partnership

Your company considers Nevico an important part of your team development. Together we plan the long-term Product Management development and create a clear plan for your team. We act as your strategic advisor on how – and in which order – to get most from your efforts. We secure progress in the plans even if your team or management are changing.

Besides unlimited access to workshops, Nevico dedicates a consultant to ensure a roadmap for improvements is made, that the plans to support it are in place, and that progress towards the goal is constant in an ever changing business environment.

Did we catch your attention? If so, reach out and let us have a discussion about how exactly we can help your Product Management reach its full potential!


Nevico is a Product Management agency that works across disciplines to build and develop our clients’ Product Management through consulting and training services. Contact us at or directly at +45 42832829.