Are You in Need of a Product Management Mentor?

Test your skills and confidence as a product manager 

Answer these five questions to find out if a product management mentor could be the missing piece in your professional journey. Choose the option that best reflects your current situation or feelings. 

How would you describe your confidence level in setting and executing a product strategy? 

a) I feel confident and have a clear understanding of how to set and execute a product strategy.

b) I have some knowledge but would benefit from having more tools, guidance and support to enhance my skills.

c) I feel uncertain and overwhelmed when it comes to setting and executing a product strategy.

How comfortable are you in managing and aligning diverse stakeholders with competing priorities? 

a) I am highly skilled in managing and aligning stakeholders, and I can handle competing priorities effectively.

b) I have some experience but would benefit from additional techniques and strategies to improve stakeholder management.

c) I struggle with managing and aligning stakeholders and often find it challenging to navigate competing priorities.

How confident are you in prioritizing features and initiatives on your product roadmap? 

a) I am confident in my ability to prioritize features and initiatives based on customer needs and strategic goals.

b) I could use some guidance and frameworks to enhance my prioritization skills and ensure effective roadmap planning.

c) I find it difficult to prioritize features and initiatives, and I often struggle with balancing customer needs and strategic objectives.

How satisfied are you with your current level of professional growth and learning opportunities in product management? 

a) I am satisfied and actively seek out opportunities to grow and learn in the field of product management.

b) I am somewhat satisfied but feel there is room for more professional growth and learning experiences.

c) I am dissatisfied and feel stagnant in my professional growth, lacking opportunities to learn and develop new skills.


Count the number of times you chose each letter as your answer. 

Mostly (a): Congratulations! It seems you have a solid foundation in product management and are confident in your skills.  

Mostly (b): You would benefit from more support and guidance from peers and leaders to grow your skills to the next level.  

Mostly (c): You are in definite need guidance and support to boost your confidence, develop crucial skills, and navigate the complexities of product management. Consider seeking out a mentor who can help unlock your full potential and drive your professional growth. 

Remember, a product management mentor can play a vital role in your career development and success. They can provide invaluable insights, offer guidance in decision-making, and help you overcome obstacles on your path to becoming a highly skilled and effective product manager. 

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