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Certified Product Management Training

Need to update your skills in product management? Nevico offers certified product management training with our partner Product Focus. Thousands of people have rated their training as excellent and for the past 14 years, they have been constantly updating their courses to keep it relevant and current. 

Live Online Course

Product Management and Product Marketing for technology-based products

Become more effective. Improve work quality and speed. Get certified.

  • Immersive experience. Live online course with a maximum of 15 delegates.
  • Gain the skills needed for a full range of product-related activities.
  • Gain confidence and insight. Through a thorough understanding of your role and by sharing experiences with peers from other companies.

Public training

Product Management and Product Marketing for technology-based products 

Become more effective. Improve work quality and speed. Get certified.

  • Learn the full range of skills, tools and best practices used in leading companies today. 
  • Receive practical tools, templates and checklists that can be taken straight back to the office. 
  • Become a Product Focus Certified Product Manager and demonstrate your commitment to professional development.

Private training

Customized Private Product Management training for World Class teams

Improve your product team’s performance and learn industry best practice with Product Focus’ world class training and workshops. Tailored to your needs to build team spirit and efficiency. 

  • On-site courses and workshops customized for you.
  • Focus on specific problem areas and use your company’s products in exercises. 
  • Allows full and open discussion without worrying about exposing company secrets. 

Product Management Certification 

Product management certification is an investment in your career and shows you’re serious about your professional development. 

The Product Focus certification covers the full range of product management and product marketing disciplines. It focuses on how to apply best practice tools and approaches in real-world situations. As a product manager, it builds credibility with peers, managers, and employers. Candidates who pass our exam become a Product Focus Certified Product Manager. 


Experiences from our training participants

”I am quite new to Product Management. Therefore, it was really nice to get more insight into the Product Manager role and to get some tools and methods to use in my daily work. Additionally, it has been really interesting to have discussions with other Product Managers and apply theory through different exercises.”

Clara Skibdal

Portfolio Product Manager, Kamstrup

“The training almost covered every aspect of product management including the tools and processes. The in-between exercises were creative and helped to understand the concepts better. The best part was, we were encouraged to share our experiences (related to the presented concepts and scenarios), that helped to learn a lot from each other”

Yuvarani Ganesan

Product Manager, Milestone Systems

“I got great insights and tools I can go home and apply in my daily work. ..It has given me a lot to think about and spare with my fellow product managers about”

Jesper Jæger Henriksen

Product Manager, One.com

Participants from our trainings

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Nevico helps companies build, develop and execute Product Management by raising competency and delivering strategic projects. Our partnership with Product Focus enables us to offer world-leading Product Management training, consultancy and expertise. This helps companies and individuals implement best practice and improve performance.

David Neville

Managing Director, Nevico

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