Product Strategy

Define Product Strategy and achieve long-term success

The Product Strategy must be at the centre of all product people’s work. It sets the direction for their product development, launch and key markets.

We help companies to steer Product Strategy development in an effective and structured way, with a focus on customer jobs and on balancing the portfolio so it covers both core, adjacent and transformational future needs. We also support companies in how to onboard employees to the new Product Strategy to make it efficient.

Establishing a Product Strategy Process

• Corporate Strategy alignment
• Product Portfolio scenarios
• Value Proposition
• Guiding Principles
• Optimizing the product portfolio and Roadmaps

Execution of the Product Strategy Process

• Steering meetings, securing insights
• Stakeholder identification
• Legal considerations
• Product Lifecycle considerations
• Alignment with stakeholders

Product Strategy

• Final document that guides future investments
• Aligned product organization
• Aligned marketing and sales
• Aligning Roadmaps

Communicating Product Strategy

• Present the Product Strategy
• Describe the plan
• Onboard employees to work consistently

Focus on specific target markets and feature sets, instead of trying to be everything to everyone

The Product Strategy must be at the centre of all product people’s work. It sets the direction for their product development, launch and key markets. However, many studies show that Product Strategy is not an area where product managers are confident in their own skills.

A study conducted by Nevico Product Management revealed that more than 70% of the respondents experienced that they do not actually have the tools and skills to create a sufficient and strong Product Strategy.

The Product Strategy development is often kicked off by the company’s yearly planning process or as a part of a strategic initiative. Product Management and other departments are asked to submit their plans a month or so in advance of the final target date. Discussion and negotiations typically continue for a period of time.

Product Strategy is about making conscious decisions about the actions to take and not to take, and how to balance the product portfolio. In short, this means outlining where you are now, establishing where you want to be in the future and then specifying the actions that will get you there.

Our product management strategists are capable individuals who will engage and work alongside your employees to create and implement a powerful, action-oriented Product Strategy that gets results and secures future winnings.

Product strategy figure from Product Focus.

Product Strategy workshop

For technology-based product teams

This workshop will help your team improve their skills and confidence within Product Strategy. The workshop includes:

  • Why work with Product Strategy

  • What is Product Strategy

  • How to include your stakeholders

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All major product successes start with a clear Product Strategy that is customer and market-driven. This is your chance of getting in the driving seat and setting the direction. So much clarity, time optimization and long-term success is hidden in a well thought through strategy.

David Neville

Managing Director, Nevico

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