Unaligned teams are causing severe inefficiencies in strategic activities

Make those headaches from gaps, overlaps and issues in your product activities a thing from the past

Strategic Product Activities

We help you identify owners for every activity, and prioritize areas for improvement

Nevico will analyze your Strategic Product Activities, as this will enable identification of misalignment. Together with your team and stakeholders we prioritize and recommend where you will get most impact from improving your activities in a facilitated process.
The Nevico Product Management Alignment concept builds on the world-renowned Product Activity Framework (© Product Focus, used with permission). We ensure that all relevant product activities are covered and prioritized – see image.

Get one category of Strategic Activities aligned

– Get Prioritized recommendations to solve your core Product Management-related challenges
Get a clear picture of owners for each activity and how they relate
Get agreement on your team boundaries and their responsibilities
Get Team, stakeholder and company goals aligned
Provide your team a standard bigpicture view and a reference for all teams and stakeholders
Get a clear roadmap of prioritized improvement areas
1 x questionnaire to involve team and stakeholders and secure their insights
1 x workshop to align team, involve stakeholders and prioritize activities

Get all 5 Strategic categories (and their activities) aligned

– Get a clear roadmap for improving the 5 categories of key Product Activities and solve your core Product Management challenges
*Everything included in one category of Strategic Activities
10 *extra tailored questions to address your core challenges
1* extra questionnaire to involve team and stakeholders and secure their insights
1* extra workshop to align team, involve stakeholders and prioritize activities
All product management activities aligned and prioritized

All 5 Strategic categories (and their activities) + 3 Deep Dives into a specific activity

– Get a clear roadmap for improving the 5 categories of key Product Activities, and Deep Dives into specific areas for greater results
*Everything included in 5 Strategic categories (and their activities)
Tailored questions for a Deep Dive into a group of activities or into one activity
3 x tailored questionnaires for the Deep Dives based on the results from a full product activity review
3 x workshops (1 for each Deep Dive)

Get your roles and responsibilities right and accelerate your Product Management efficiency

The Product Management Alignment concept builds on the world-renowned Product Activity Framework from our partner, Product Focus. We ensure that all relevant product activities are covered and prioritized.
In a very structured process, we involve and engage your team and stakeholders to be a part of the process. We investigate their opinions, include your company targets and challenge your team and your stakeholders to prioritize the identified disparities in facilitated workshops.

Customer Testimonials

“As Norlys Energi is constantly faced with new demands and opportunities, having an external Product Management expert has been valuable in providing assistance with methodology, challenging the content, and ensuring a friendly push to complete the important product strategy work. The response from the individual product managers in my team has been very positive.”

Thomas Jensen

Director Product Management & Development at Norlys Energi

”I have been very happy with the mentoring sessions provided by Nevico. As a product manager responsible for establishing a market intelligence function, it has been a great help to have these sessions to help track the progress. I have enjoyed having someone from outside our organization help gauge the temperature of the initiatives and give feedback on ideas – and a few gentle pushes to see a broader perspective. It has been a very good collaboration and has helped me grow in my role.”

Christian Ladefoged

Product Manager at Terma

Our team had a great strategy workshop facilitated by Nevico. Prior to the workshop we had together with Nevico settled on the scope and focus, which meant that the theory and frameworks presented were highly relevant and directly applicable to our current products and projects.

During the workshop we were presented with tools for strategy formulation and related topics, followed by guided exercises. Our team left with an improved set of tools, which we look forward to implement and utilise. 

Rasmus Brink Mårtensson

Senior Product Manager

“We reached out to Nevico Product Management because we were facing a bottleneck in organizational resources. By utilizing a consultant to drive key product management tasks, Nevico has helped us close the gap and free up valuable time that allows us to set the product direction for future solutions and opportunities”.

Lone Herskind Dam Winther

Head of E-mobility at DCC Energi

With Nevico’s assistance, Milestone Systems has taken a solid step forward in our digitizing journey to improve end customers insights. With strong project management execution through the exploration phase to implementation and launch, Nevico has over 18 months facilitated the collaboration between internal and external teams within predominantly Sales, Products and IT/Software Development. This has allowed Milestone to maintain the necessary overview to drive this key strategic initiative forward, simultaneously with other transformation projects.

Nevico has been flexible, serviceminded and competent to work with on this project, making collaboration pleasant and easy.

Troels Kristian Kruckow

Director, Product Insights & Pricing at Milestone Systems

” When setting the Product Direction the team needs to have a common toolbox. The Product Strategy workshop covered very relevant areas and easily plugs into our everyday work.”

Anders Bo Rasmussen

Director, Product Direction

To secure the success of an important Nuclear project we engaged with Nevico to make sure the internal and external stakeholders within Product Management, Sales, Production and the Client where all updated and aligned. For complicated projects with many stakeholders I would not hesitate to recommend Nevico. Nevico has delivered a rock solid result all the way through the project from the beginning to the end.

Alan Tofte

Director of Global Product Management, Clorius Controls A/S

With Nevico´s structured approach – from using surveys to facilitating workshops – we got our strategic product activities assessed in such a way that all relevant inputs were expressed from the various team members. These insights were captured and prioritized and will now be used for deciding which areas we need to focus on in the future when building our roadmap on how to improve and strengthen our product management approach even further.

To improve our team’s capabilities and product management toolbox, we are also participating in training from Nevico Partner Product Focus to become wiser on how to work with product management.”

Nicki Mørk Bolbroe

Head of Global Data & Analytics at Rambøll

“..A global company like JAI A/S is constantly dedicated to improving and challenging current processes and strategies. We entered with Nevico Product Management to challenge our current pricing strategy and through a structured process together with Product Management improvement areas were identified.”

Usman M. Syed

VP Strategy & Digital Innovation at JAI A/S

“..Nevico did an inspiring presentation on Product Management as a discipline and facilitated constructive discussions with the Product Management team on common pitfalls and best practices.”

Erik Abildgaard Knudsen

Product Director, e-Boks A/S

“..facilitated important discussions on difficult topics within strategic Product Management activities. This helped participants share their opinions and insights, which deepened the level and thereby the output of the discussions.”

Per Arberg Jensen

Network Director, Product Management, EGN A/S

“..We have been helped by Nevico’s clear process to create professional kick-off, and helped us to manage major stakeholders. We have gained maximum output and vital inputs to our product development process. And I highly recommend Nevico as a trusted partner”.

Harpreet Singh Sahota

Director of Product Marketing at Configit A/S

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