Release Management

Streamline internal processes and demonstrate greater product value to your customers

Deliver value and novel features to customers. With release management you can plan and schedule your software deployments so that changes and new features are released together.

We help companies build a release management plan and process that fits their organization. Take your company from ad hoc or project-driven to a planned release-driven organization that focuses on demonstrating value internally and externally.

Identify stakeholders and deliverables

• Identify today’s process challenges and wishes for a future process
• Map stakeholders
• Identify all relevant deliverables to be included in the release plan

Develop release plan

• Overview of process
• Timeline
• Stakeholders
• Deliverables, e.g. “Feature and Launch brief”, test plan, deployment plan and rollout plan

Develop briefs and communication plan

• Templates for “Feature and Launch brief”
• Communication strategy and plan
• Communication templates

Implement release plans

• Drive the first releases
• Alignment with stakeholders
• Presentations to top management
• Evaluation of the first releases and adjust process

From project-driven to release-driven

Many companies end up releasing software updates too frequently – focusing on fixing the bugs rather than bringing valuable features to the market. It´s important to move away from separate releases with solely bug fixing, as there is much friction towards other teams, which causes inefficiency.

By employing proper Release Management, companies can ensure that only software components (services, features, and so on) that are thoroughly tested and are up to the quality standards of the company can reach both internal and external customers. Release Management enables the team to plan, schedule and perform each release and to demonstrate greater value to the customers.

Our Product Management strategists are competent individuals who will engage with and work alongside your employees to develop and implement Release Management in your organization. They make sure your product strategy, roadmap and release plans are consistent and help you get ahead as a release-driven organization.

Reducing complexity and releasing resources through End-of-Life Management

Like Product Growth, End-of-Life Management is about making conscious decisions about the actions to take and not to take, and how to balance the product portfolio. In short, this means outlining where you are now, establishing where you want to be in the future and then specifying the actions that will get you there.

Our product management strategists are capable individuals who will engage and work alongside your employees to create and implement a powerful, action-oriented End-of-Life Management strategy that gets results.


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Release Management enables you to demonstrate greater value to customers, as you schedule your releases and communicate them more effectively.

Ditte Nielsen

Director of Strategy and Business Development, Nevico

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