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Virtual Product Management Workshops

Product Management workshops enable you to gain more expertise in your field and develop new ideas. Nevico facilitates a structured process that allows you to collaborate with your colleagues to find the best practices for your challenges from a Product Management perspective.

Product Implications of Corona workshop

How to align your business model and value proposition in the time of Corona

Our facilitator enables a dynamic discussion to identify which current activities to pause and which to prioritize to make the most out of the circumstances:

  • Prioritize the activities to implement NOW. 
  • Receive a structured report on key insights from the workshop. 
  • Get a rejuvenated team full of energy.

Innovation Workshops

Fuel your Product Strategy and Roadmap with new product concepts 

We facilitate innovation workshops to accelerate new innovative ideas. We run workshops both to build an innovative culture and to optimize the commercial perspectives:

  • Generate new ideas to fuel your product roadmap.
  • Prioritize the ideas for the roadmap.
  • Get an energized cross-functional team.

Get ahead of your competitors

Our workshops are facilitated by experienced product people, who know their way around Product Management.

The facilitators share best practices from their professional experience to inspire the delegates to get the most out of the workshop. Their experience, methods and ideas inspire the participants to increase their productivity and improve their skills and ideas.


Experiences from challenges like yours
Success across industries for more than a decade

Accelerate product innovation with End-of-Life Management
Prove business value prior to development phase
Learn from failures: 50 examples of corporations that forgot to balance their product portfolio. Learn from bad cases.

Talk to our experts, they are here to help

Our virtual workshops are designed to offer high-value Product Management for teams that want to stay ahead. We want to help companies stay competitive by prioritizing activities and by making room for new innovation.

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